Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Table 2011

Next Saturday I am hosting a dinner party for my inlaws. I wanted to do a table that coordinated with my bronze/green Christmas tree:

  Since I work full-time I had to begin preparations over the past weekend. 

 I set a fairly simple table with a very easy centerpiece of pinecones and green glass & silver mesh balls.  I nestled six votive candles among the greens.
 These amber glasses are circa 1974.
I like this table. I like the simplicity and how it blends so nicely with the bronze/green Christmas tree.

I also set a second table as I am having 11 guests and they won't all fit around one table. I don't have enough of the same dishes, etc., so I did this table differently, yet not glaringly so.  I still used pine cones in the centerpiece and green plates.

I reversed the glassware/napkins colors. The pink tablecloth goes with the pink hydrangea tree as this table sits right next to that tree.
If you don't read my main blog, you can see more of my Christmas 2011 decorating by clicking here.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thought for the day...

Always remember what's most important in life. It will not be the "stuff" you accumulate, it will not be how many Face book friend requests' you receive, it will not be how many followers you eventually have on your blog.
All those superficial things fade away and what you once "perceived" as friends will have fallen by the wayside...

Truly the most important things in life are not "things" at all. 
Its is our health and the love of family that matter the most. 
Without that you have nothing...

The above picture is something I made a few months ago to put on my "vision board", not as a way to "see myself" but as a way to "remind me" each day what is important and to never lose sight of that...
I am posting a link HERE to one of my favorite POEMS that I have on my vision board as well. It is a wonderful reminder to all of us and I hope you enjoy the message as much as I have through the years.