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Arts and Entertainment - Getting Your Man to Appreciate Theater

If you ask a person what comes to mind when they think about Broadway theatre, they are likely to say is goes hand in hand with images of New York City and its Theater District. New York is certainly the mecca of all things Broadway. However, many major cities and metro regions across the United States have ornate play houses that host the hottest Broadway plays. It used to be that to see quality arts you had to be in New York City, but no more. Opera, ballet, musicals, productions and the works are seen across the country, making it more accessible to fans of Broadway... and their husbands.

Yes, that's right, their husbands. To be sure, not all husbands or men are fanatically against attending Broadway plays, in fact we all enjoy it equally. It does seem, however, that stubborn men, and especially husbands, protest the most when it comes to accompanying their wives to a musical of any sort. At least, this is the stereotype or stigma that goes along with a 'macho' man. So, ladies, how can you convince, bribe, encourage or drag your man to a play and help him actually enjoy himself? Here are a few tips:

Find Some Action: Choose a drama or action infused production or play. Les Miserables is a great play with some war scenes, fighting, explosions and the works. With such intense action, he may not mind the musical aspect and in fact, he may find it adds to the experience. Ask him to think of it as the soundtrack to his favorite war movie.
Surprise Him: Make all the arrangements and include arts, entertainment and food and surprise him for the evening. Plan dinner or even a weekend getaway.
Make A Deal: Offer to do something he enjoys or give him some space to enjoy the things he loves in return for taking you out so that he sees this is a give-and-take deal.
Make It An Event: If he likes going to dinner and dancing, then get dressed up an have dinner, see the Broadway play and go dancing. Combining the evening with things you both enjoy will draw out the fun for both of you.
The More The Merrier: Invite your couple friends to join you. Your man will be more comfortable around a group of guys he knows and your gal friends will be excited to get out too.
Give A Little: The best relationships are those with two-way streets - meaning, if you're asking him to give the arts a try, make an honest effort to enjoy things he does. Perhaps this means you don a football jersey and watch a game on Sunday, but who knows, you may get in to the spirit of the game and enjoy yourself. Showing him that you are meeting him in the middle will make him want to do the same for you.

These tips are geared towards the arts but can really be applied to anything you want to get your spouse interested in. The best way to encourage someone to enjoy the arts is to do just that - encourage them with positive reinforcement and never negative or nagging words. Encourage and discover with them which plays, productions or musicals they enjoy and what parts they love the most. Was it the music, the storyline, the special affects, set, props and wardrobe - all of these are magnificent when you are experiencing them from the audience of one of America's fabulous theatres.

Humor Can Be Entertaining When Exercising the Art of Entertainment

In most groups, the art of entertainment points to a special person. It is indeed an honor to be labeled the entertainer. Entertainment should be directed toward good humor. The comedian, whether famous or a want-to-be, should never use ridicule as part of their message. The later can sometime be tragic; because no doubt, someone will eventually be hurt due to the fact: Loose lips can sink ships.

If you are an entertainer that enjoys the art of good humor, you should try to be certain that the jovial happening that you are spreading in not due to a negative incident. And I suggest that you must be aware as to how that individual will react if they learn that their antic is the subject of laughter. Sometime fun can become hilarious when it is approached with good taste, well meaning wit, and in the mode of decent pleasure. Yet, on the other hand, it can turn bad and become a disaster which may never heal, thus will leave hurt feelings.

It is best when one directs the laughter toward oneself, especially if ridicule, even in good taste, is involved. Everyone enjoys a good laugh with the person who is telling the story on them self, especially if they can laugh at them self with others. After all, often times comedians will get their material from a personal observation.

When offering good humor, the art of entertainment is often times best received when the entertainer projects them self as a different person while the laughter is being projected. Sometime a comedian will use a puppet, or they can dress-up as a clown, or maybe a man dressed as a woman, or an easy act is to change their voice for the moment. Whatever the presentation, the final result is in hopes of being funny.

It is not necessary to tell a comedian that he or she is funny, the reaction of the audience will depict the final judgment.

It is my pleasure to write for you and I sincerely hope you will enjoy my writings. I am new to this online business adventure. It has been stressful for me at times, but I stop, walk away, and relax. Then when I return to my computer I am energized with a new challenge. I have several websites, it is my hope you will visit again and again.

Living Around the Arts and Entertainment of Dallas, Texas in Deep Ellum

With all the family type neighborhoods in Dallas, Texas, there is no justice in overlooking the wonderful artsy areas that are within the large city. The arts and entertainment district of Dallas is one of the most eclectic, giving birth to many southern jazz and blues sensations, as well as many local entertainers and bands of Dallas. Deep Ellum is known for its influence in the lifestyles of the artists of Dallas, bringing these groups the affordable lifestyle that is desired within Texas.

The neighborhood was originally founded in 1873 as the warehouse district, with the first factory belonging to Robert S. Munger. As time went on, there was further development including a Ford assembly plant manufactured during 1913 by Henry Ford. By the 60's and 70's, the area was mostly for industrial and warehousing, quickly taking a turn towards the more eclectic nature of Dallas.

The attention of Deep Ellum was enhanced as artists within the city begin to find the area a prime real estate section for acquiring New York style loft homes for a low price. The 1980's brought forth further development in the area, including upgrades to make way for a more populated area and more desirable within the city. By the end of the 80's, there were several night clubs in the area, with many residents finding the loft style homes to be quite attractive and new-age.

Today, Deep Ellum is part residential, part entertainment, offering a great refuge for artists and those seeking the more studio style modern living quarters of professionals and couples. The area still attracts a very eclectic crowd, with a population of 825 residents over a little more than half a square mile. The area now features different types of homes as well, including detached homes which can be found for a median cost of around $36,000, lofts and multi-family structures costing an average around $400,000, and condos reaching around $150,000.

The area is now home to many people who enjoy the busy lifestyle of Dallas, enjoying the artistic edge of the area. The neighborhood is also home to some of the most unique and original shopping destinations within the large city, claiming many tourists year round. There have been many famous artists traveling through and residing within Deep Ellum, with a reputation for housing some of the greats of history's music fame, bringing forth some of the greats of the current industry as well.

Although not a historic residential spot, the area has formed from historical relevance in warehousing and industrial markets to a place that many people reside in, finding great comfort in the busy area. The area is known for its arts and many eclectic members, which all contribute to the culture and characteristics of the neighborhood which seem to outshine many other Dallas neighborhoods. There are so many reasons to live in Dallas, with the arts and entertainment district being a prime location for those that are looking for some artistic inspiration where they lay their head each night

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Miss Larrisa Rose

Happy Saturday everyone, the best day of the week! For the most part the dream kitchen is done and life is somewhat back to normal. The upside, except for a few small details like a paper towel holder, towel rack and accessorizing we're done...the down side, as mentioned in my last post you don't get to see it yet until after the August reveal...August 27th to be exact :O)
In the meantime, I'm going to veer off course for a less traveled road, well for for me anyway...I decided to do a post about two things I don't normally put much thought into; dolls and the color pink. Not that I don't like either but because I'm too busy thinking up the next remodel project and because I'd rather be organizing my house and creating than playing with dolls which is what this post is all about...two dolls and the color pink. I don't have a lot of pink in my house except in this room which also doubles as a guest room.

So today I've decided to do a post on a lovely little doll that came into my life many years ago and left an indelible memory in my heart forever...

meet sweet Miss Rose with the beautiful smile...

When Rose came into my life 18 years ago I had no idea we would become such good friends and become as close as we did. She was "elderly" if I dare say that, but I mean it in the sense that she was well into her senior years at that time and I was in my 30's which meant we were at different places in our lives chronologically speaking.
But the more I got to know her, the more I soon realized we had much more in common than I could have ever thought possible. She loved her husband and family and she loved to laugh and enjoy each day. She loved to cook, loved celebrating and being with family and loved her home. Most importantly, Rose had a keen sense of humor and the just loved life...simply said, Rose was a women after my own heart and the more I got to know her the more I realized age means nothing when you have kindred spirits and friendship.

When my sweet friend passed away last year at age 96, it was a like loosing a family member and dear friend. I missed our frequent "chats and giggles" as we used to say to each other. I missed her smile and the kindness she always bestowed upon me whenever we saw each other. She had a way of making me feel as if I was the most important person in her life and that I made her day she most certainly always made my day better no matter what was happening in life!

One of the many blessings that came out of my friendship with Rose was getting to know her family and especially her daughter and son-in law...

Shortly after Miss Rose was gone in the month of December, her daughter called and asked if we could meet for lunch. She and her husband picked me up and off we went. The three of us were having a lovely time catching up when they pulled out a beautifully wrapped package...a Christmas gift and a special remembrance of Rose, my sweet friend...
As I opened the gift, I saw this beautiful, beautiful face looking at me, so pretty, so sweet all dressed in pink Moire satin, ribbons and lace...

and her name was
She was just the sweetest thing I had ever seen...from her lovely little bonnet down to her lace covered shoes and crocheted stockings, she was beautiful!
As I began to open the box she "lived in", I noticed in some ways she looked like my friend Rose. She had dark hair like Rose,
and the most beautiful eyes like Rose...
But most of all, she reminded me of Miss Rose because according to her daughter, Rose collected dolls and this was her favorite. Her favorite...and I was being handed this precious gift...Rose's favorite...what a sweet honor to now become her caretaker...
That day, I named this lovely doll, "Larissa Rose" in remembrance of Rose and the memories she'll forever hold in my heart.
Larissa Rose is now residing in my SEWING ROOM 
and when I walk past the room or into it,
see sweet Larissa Rose smiling back at me and remember a lovely friendship shared and how thankful I am two paths crossed in life to share a little of each other's journey...

Beverly at How Sweet the Sound
for her Pink Saturday
and her birthday!
Happy birthday Beverly 
and thank you for hosting another sweet pink party!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Sneak peek and and a journey...

OK so for those of you loyal, dear friends that have been so sweet to hang in there with me during this monumental undertaking of a 6 month kitchen remodel I just want to say thank you! 

You have been so encouraging about all the chaos and mess and have waited patiently for the final reveal when we finally finished this "little face lift"...which will happen but not just yet until we have our "reveal party" with our best friends and neighbors in August...sorry :o)
However until then here's little sneak peek at a little eye candy! The "Blue light special" on the floor is the light that comes on and shines down on the floor to let me know my dishes are done! Amazing how such a little thing can thrill me but hey this has been a long road with this has come a long way in 20 years and it boggles my mind and tickles me pink, well OK make that blue!

The other thing that just makes me want to smile is the inside the dishwasher...OK so other than the blue light on my floor when the dishes are clean, when I open the door magic happens, two L.E.D. lights come on inside the machine so I can see what's in there or where to put a dish! Maybe this isn't new to anyone reading this but it is to me and I love it!

The picture below was taken without a flash and the lights dimmed in the kitchen, that's how bright it is inside...oh be still my beating heart, I love this!

Another wonderful thing that has happened as a result of this major undertaking is "purging" yes you read right..."purging". 
When I had to live like this for months in a very tiny laundry room it was sort of like living in a New York apartment or perhaps camping but never once did I use the word "fun" while living like this! 
However at the same time I was learning to "live without". There were many times I couldn't find something that was either packed in a box or just too difficult to get to so I had to either go without or think of another way to do something. Because of that, I learned something amazing about myself, I didn't need all that "stuff" anymore and the reality was it felt like "the stuff" was owning me instead of the other way around.

So for the past few weeks knowing I would be able to rearrange, reorganize and remove before putting anything away, I did! Whenever I went through a box or a pile I'd ask myself when the last time was it got used or more importantly "WHY" was I hanging onto this "thing". It was an amazing process both physically and emotionally. Sometimes the reasons I kept things was for sentimental reasons, like "somebody" gave me this as at my bridal shower 21 years ago or (fill in the blank) "I bought it because" again (fill in the blank). 
I was remembering the person or the event by the "things" I had in boxes not the beautiful memories associated with it. An example of this was an old and bent Spring form cheese cake pan. I'd shuffled it around for years because the person that gave it to me had since passed away and the pan reminded me of her...odd the things we do for comfort in life...

Now the end result is everything has a place and there is a place for everything. I have only one small pantry that is very well organized in pull out drawers by how the items are used and the rest of the cupboards and drawers have much the same story. As you can see from this pot cupboard my husband built, there isn't an inch of wasted space and everything has a home.

Gone are the cluttered cupboards that I had to shove things around in to get to. Gone are the old pots and pans, dishware and miscellaneous "things" in my house all donated to various charities and organizations.
And in its place...peace of mind and a beautiful, well thought out kitchen...

Wait till till you see because we're not in Kansas anymore and my kitchen doesn't look like this anymore!

Joining Susan from

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Living in Chaos and Mayhem...

OK so for those of you that have followed along with us on the kitchen remodel we are now at a point of living in chaos and mayhem! The painters have been here for that last two weeks and needless to say life has been a bit difficult.
I think if I had to say, this has been by far the most difficult part of this remodel process. We have a kitchen that's completely unusable, not to mention stinky from the oil based paint!
So for now, just to keep you all up to date here's where we are in the process...

In the meantime we are pretty much sequestered in an upstairs office until this process is done, and you can bet, that can't happen soon enough for us!!! As I write this we are a bit cranky and overwhelmed, but I just keep thinking this will be done...SOON and this will be the most beautiful kitchen EVER on the least in my mind!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rejuvenation Field trip

Hello everybody,

Yes its been a while since I've posted but things have been a bit crazy around here and I still do not have a functioning kitchen and we're still "camping" from the living and dining room! Much to my dismay, our kitchen isn't done yet, but almost...I think...
Little did we know that when deciding on tile for the back splash from Pratt and Larson it would take six weeks to be ordered, made and delivered but it did. Happily as of Friday the tile came in and is our hot little hands ready for install next week. 
In the meantime, my BFF and I took a little field trip to Rejuvenation lighting shop in beautiful downtown Portland for the lighting above the island that the hubs custom built

(click any picture to enlarge)

This place is amazing for any kind of lighting you can imagine! Really anything you can picture you can custom build to your exact specifications. Any finish, any fitter size, any shade or shape, any color, any length at any price, they can do it.

The place is just a treasure trove of ideas and styles, from period traditional, to Mid-century modern and anything in between. Whatever your style, they either have it or can make it for you. Whatever you can imagine or dream, they can do it. The down side...yep there's a down side...the most challenging thing is deciding on just exactly WHAT you want and let me tell you first hand that is THE most difficult part! 
I went in with an idea in mind and by the time we walked out, I had a fourteen-eleven gazillion other ideas in my head! I was ready to remodel another room just to do lighting...OK well not really but its so easy to get carried away!

They also sell antiques and furniture including period pieces and glassware as well as reproductions pieces, but all beautifully made as you can see on the vintage picnic table above and below. Oh and by the way, that picnic table is authentic and is for sale...$5,000.00...a drop in the bucket :O)
These beautiful bottle trees below are adorable but I think I'd need to have those big windows to park them in front of...oh and that Galvanized island to set them on...

The show room is wonderful and very historic. Here's an excerpt from the company website; 
"The Southeast Portland retail store occupies 38,000 sq. feet on the first and second floors of the historic Neustadter Building, which the company renovated in 1992. Located at SE Grand and Taylor near downtown, the store is unlike any other in the nation, combining our period-authentic reproduction lighting with period furniture, hardware, plumbing, decorative accessories, mill work, and architectural salvage"

This beautiful light below is one I have in my nook and the finish I chose is "Oil Rubbed Bronze" with a scalloped shade whereas the one just below it is pretty much the same light only in a different finish; "Bronze with a very expensive hand-blown shade on it.

Its a beautiful light but wasn't quite right for our application...yea that's it..."wasn't quite right for our application"...translation; it was too expensive for this little area and my pocket book!

Loved this view toward downtown Portland from the second floor which was being remodeled when I was there. Those windows are huge and have that wonderful rippled/rolled glass in them. I actually thought this space would be so wonderful as a loft to have for the weekend city getaways...OK so I'm day dreaming again but it was the only thing free that day!

There were beautiful leaded glass windows for sale...

and amazing mirrors and of course, more lighting but at the end of the day, I walked away with only two light fixtures and two shades for above the island and that my friends will be a post for another day! 

In the meantime happy to have had this time for our little field trip and so glad you could come along for the ride!