Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Sneak peek and and a journey...

OK so for those of you loyal, dear friends that have been so sweet to hang in there with me during this monumental undertaking of a 6 month kitchen remodel I just want to say thank you! 

You have been so encouraging about all the chaos and mess and have waited patiently for the final reveal when we finally finished this "little face lift"...which will happen but not just yet until we have our "reveal party" with our best friends and neighbors in August...sorry :o)
However until then here's little sneak peek at a little eye candy! The "Blue light special" on the floor is the light that comes on and shines down on the floor to let me know my dishes are done! Amazing how such a little thing can thrill me but hey this has been a long road with this has come a long way in 20 years and it boggles my mind and tickles me pink, well OK make that blue!

The other thing that just makes me want to smile is the inside the dishwasher...OK so other than the blue light on my floor when the dishes are clean, when I open the door magic happens, two L.E.D. lights come on inside the machine so I can see what's in there or where to put a dish! Maybe this isn't new to anyone reading this but it is to me and I love it!

The picture below was taken without a flash and the lights dimmed in the kitchen, that's how bright it is inside...oh be still my beating heart, I love this!

Another wonderful thing that has happened as a result of this major undertaking is "purging" yes you read right..."purging". 
When I had to live like this for months in a very tiny laundry room it was sort of like living in a New York apartment or perhaps camping but never once did I use the word "fun" while living like this! 
However at the same time I was learning to "live without". There were many times I couldn't find something that was either packed in a box or just too difficult to get to so I had to either go without or think of another way to do something. Because of that, I learned something amazing about myself, I didn't need all that "stuff" anymore and the reality was it felt like "the stuff" was owning me instead of the other way around.

So for the past few weeks knowing I would be able to rearrange, reorganize and remove before putting anything away, I did! Whenever I went through a box or a pile I'd ask myself when the last time was it got used or more importantly "WHY" was I hanging onto this "thing". It was an amazing process both physically and emotionally. Sometimes the reasons I kept things was for sentimental reasons, like "somebody" gave me this as at my bridal shower 21 years ago or (fill in the blank) "I bought it because" again (fill in the blank). 
I was remembering the person or the event by the "things" I had in boxes not the beautiful memories associated with it. An example of this was an old and bent Spring form cheese cake pan. I'd shuffled it around for years because the person that gave it to me had since passed away and the pan reminded me of her...odd the things we do for comfort in life...

Now the end result is everything has a place and there is a place for everything. I have only one small pantry that is very well organized in pull out drawers by how the items are used and the rest of the cupboards and drawers have much the same story. As you can see from this pot cupboard my husband built, there isn't an inch of wasted space and everything has a home.

Gone are the cluttered cupboards that I had to shove things around in to get to. Gone are the old pots and pans, dishware and miscellaneous "things" in my house all donated to various charities and organizations.
And in its place...peace of mind and a beautiful, well thought out kitchen...

Wait till till you see because we're not in Kansas anymore and my kitchen doesn't look like this anymore!

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