Saturday, July 7, 2012

Living in Chaos and Mayhem...

OK so for those of you that have followed along with us on the kitchen remodel we are now at a point of living in chaos and mayhem! The painters have been here for that last two weeks and needless to say life has been a bit difficult.
I think if I had to say, this has been by far the most difficult part of this remodel process. We have a kitchen that's completely unusable, not to mention stinky from the oil based paint!
So for now, just to keep you all up to date here's where we are in the process...

In the meantime we are pretty much sequestered in an upstairs office until this process is done, and you can bet, that can't happen soon enough for us!!! As I write this we are a bit cranky and overwhelmed, but I just keep thinking this will be done...SOON and this will be the most beautiful kitchen EVER on the least in my mind!!!

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