Monday, February 21, 2011

Black & Red Polka Dot Tablescape

Here is another table that combines my two hobbies of quilting and table setting.  I made six of these quilt blocks called Dresden Plate -- so fitting for what I am using them for!

They are often made in pastels and usually sewn into a quilt like the one on the left (picture came from this site on quilt history).

The ones I made are far from pastel and I decided to use mine for place mat/chargers to start a table in red and black. Here are my black and red polka dot Dresden Plates at the beginning of this tablescape:

When I am finished you will only see the tips of these chargers.

Here is the table as I am setting it. I like the look with just the salad plates, but I need to cover them because I am serving soup, so I need soup bowls. Once the soup is finished, I am happy to know that everyone will see this before the salad is brought to the table.

Here is the completed table with the soup bowls.
I am not really sure where the soup spoons go, so I just put them where I thought they should go since they will be the first utensil used.  I really don't even care where they should go. This is not exactly dining at the White House, so who cares about proper etiquette--no need to get stressed over something like that.

Here is a side view of the place setting:

 and a close up of one of the silver balls.
If you look very closely at the silver coffee pot, you will see a reflection of me taking the picture!

And that's all. I am not into taking 15 or 16 pictures of  my tables.  I think once you see the whole table, you've really seen all you care to see. 

Happy tablescaping!

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