Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Simple Zebra Tablescape

When I saw this tapestry fabric yesterday, I immediately thought of my zebra salad plates --see the plate in the right hand corner?

After 4 hours of sewing and about 20 minutes to set the table, I ended up with a totally new look for my dining room:
 I made six chair covers to match the plates. They also go nicely with the new green color that we painted the dining room this fall.  I immediatley set a quick table so I could see how it would look.  I really like the chair covers!  I am always thrilled when I spend hours making something and I actually like the finished product.  So often, that is NOT the case.

I even got to use my blah pea-soup-green napkins--they rarely go with any table. But for this one, they were perfect!

I think it's a fun change for the new year. If you look in my header, you can see these same plates used with a 1950's aqua-rimmed dinner plate.  Who would have thought zebra plates would be so versatile?

 I also bought a neutral home-dec fabric yesterday to make another set of chair covers.  I can't tell you how much fun I have with chair covers. They are so easy to make-basically just a big pillowcase.  I already have a gray set, which I use quite often. 

Do any of you make chair covers?

Update: I removed the cedar greenery and redid the candles with bows and zebra fabric.

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