Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Ruby Dell"

‎"Ruby Dell", my laptop (so named for her lovely ruby color and her Dell surname)

is at PC University hospital so I'm using the hub's laptop..."Mr. Toshiba PC".

I'm so distraught and this is so difficult because I have no personal relationship with Mr. Toshiba. Shh...don't tell (but between you and I) I know Mr. Toshiba, PC and I are just being polite to each other right now because we're being forced to share our time together. Really, if the truth be told, I don't think he likes me at all, not accustom to a women's touch I'm sure... so my time posting may be limited for now until my sweet Ruby Dell is out of the PC hospital...can someone pass the tissue please...sniff, sniff...

For those of you that are waiting for the exciting episode of
"The Destroyers"...stay tuned, hopefully by next week I'll have my sweet Ruby Dell back home and all the pretty pictures she has in her memory...

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