Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not the Street Of Dreams Home Tour

Hello again my favorite blogging friends! 
Thought I'd take you on a little "field trip" but as the title suggests' 
its not
 "The Street of Dreams" 
home tour!
Its my kitchen which is coming along, just got the cook range and that means soon my kitchen will eventually be a full functioning kitchen again...I think...  

Its been a tedious process to get to this point and my sweet Mr. La Bella Vie has done all the manual labor which will help our dream eventually become a reality. I do love this guy even when he's spying bikini clad babes, actually he said it was a barge, not a babe he was looking at! 

But I digress... 
Yep this is Mr. La Bella Vie at the beach house during one our few and far between lulls in life!

In the meantime, I am pretending like "I'm camping" because I'm living with reminds me of the picnic tables at a camp ground when there's a big family gathering. Stuff all over the table and you can't find anything unless you go on a scavenger hunt for it...

And this is our "halfway room"...its actually my teeny-tiny little laundry room but its where we're now doing dishes, better than the upstairs tub I suppose. The hubs installed one of our old kitchen cabinets above the tub-sink which gives me a bit of storage in my "mini kitchen"...err...laundry room. 

Below is where I pretend I'm a Pioneer women when it comes to making and preparing meals...I use the terms "pretend" and "meals" lightly because all I can really do in here is plug in a coffee maker and slow-cooker and pretend I'm cooking, but hey whatever works right :O)  

Note to self:


or you could end up serving 
"Cream of Dirty Sock soup" 
and never be the wiser!

So this concludes my 
"Not so much the Street of Dreams Tour"
and in the meantime, I think I'll go do the wash...
or maybe make a slow cooker full of 
simmered for about six hours on the spin cycle...

Wait a minute, did I take a wrong turn...
I think this is the "doggies wash area" not the laundry room...

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